Monday, May 26, 2008

danger is always the most attractive.

for a moment they had kept the wild animals at bay.
each band named it self after a city. Kansas, Chicago and Alabama.
and they waged a civil war on the billboard top 40.
a giant piece of magic died that day.
Ralph Machhio dodged time. he was always the karate kid.
we felt better knowing that.
we elbowed his feathers just across the broadest branch.
"anonymous" was the clever coward.
the biggest lie ever sold. "Ice-T" as COP KILLER.
ice cube , he told you. and they told you" he was straight outta Compton. "
some where along the way all the most notorious became the tamest.

danger was always there most attractive quality.

myself and the jerks took a trip thru the Jurrasic park.
we battled poison cacti, shuffled old sand and dodged velociraptors.
just barley beating exhaustion and vertigo. we got the closest too clouds in weeks.
sometimes this hike feels like your some where else.
positioned like a postage stamp on a bigger envelope.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

even there beards were evil

molten lava slowly bled thru the halls of the old folks home.
bibles spontaneously burst into flames. at the mere mention of his name.
they had branded there own fragrance of evil. it was publicly shared .
her story was never told.
his business card was a hatchet.
he left a trail of licorice which led to a bear trap.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

life's tragedy. jesus's strategy

there biggest strength was there ability too grudge.
sir mix-a-lot's ghost shared a taco on a river boat.
the casino. and the vampire picnic.
adult contemporary rock had come full circle. it scared babies. and haunted the chapels.
gingivitis's was the name of the death metal band.
it was also the single word on his tombstone.

toad the wet sprocket.'
wrote a song on a harmonica called "the asshole's blues "

it was as unique as a snowflake. and painful as a high school musical
it felt like a wet t shirt contest at a library.
long overdue w/ " frisky business"
the kittens all wore sunglasses at the barn dance.
haunted by the clumsy fingerprint on cyberspace.
in the future. romantic comedies are endangered species.
never again will Harry meet Sally, there will never be a Wedding, a funeral or a best friends wedding.
sleep well knowing that some else has made worse decisions then you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hero list. ver. 2.0

when you meet and get defeated by your heroes.
you can just about fight anything!!! an army of skeletons.
your heroes are life's biggest ZERO"S
i posted that just for the sake of rhyming. all the biggest poets painted w/ rhyme

and then there's that guy.

he's the OST "original motion picture soundtrack".
he's been there when. and every then. since then.
when every other Hootie and the Blowfish, Spin Doctor and Good Charlotte is a mirror to pop culture. he's a classic painting or statue. frozen and static. a priceless and timeless gem.
stop hurting yourself and everyone's feelings and throw your I-POD away.

stop watching Dawson's Creek. and start "swallowing your soul".

Celebrity time machine

the imperative narative.
information was spilled from the beak of a brilliant parrot.
non descriptive. colroful adjectives.
a post apocalyptic queen latifah. set to music.
a force to be beckoned w/.
should be afforded on a shameful bandwidth
the blacksmiths apron was a crossword puzzled.
"that's right" !!!
the 80's was an excuse too take risks.

celebrity time machine.
it crashed right here.

i've been told since i was 20 years i looked like Harry Dean Stanton.
Hat's off. it's better then Bob Saget.

Monday, February 25, 2008

youth sounds like "the carpenters"

i'm not sure much has changed since 1974
my youth sounds like the carpenters
corduroy and polyester are the set for the show
the television hissed out maybe 4 primitive channels
you chased cookies and thought about what Richard Scary knew.
why was he was the smartest ever. he drew pictures that meant something.
cat's painted portraits w/ berets. giraffes drove double decker buses.
i was pretty sure that was all that was important. i figured out shortly after that religion was on the same page. foolish fantasy. maybe jesus, the immaculate conception and noah's ark were inspired by a forgotten Richard Scary manuscript. it seemed as realistic as that raccoon dressed up as Canadian mounted police. maybe the bible would be better played by owls and rhino's.

pretty soon after, i got wind of this dude.

this was free floating nonsense. maybe you thought it had a name.
it sure felt right. as if each line was from your pencil.
i think i felt even more a kindred spirit when i found out he too was a complete
BI-POLAR dickhead, hard boozing and a womanizer.
who would have thought.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

i'll rule the whole fucking universe!!!!!

it's warm even

Duo Fantasy

i can't generate explosive cutting edge content anymore.

my friends have really taken the BLOG game pretty seriously.
i got side tracked. my shallow stabs at clever word structure and the "non-sense dance" took backseat too good old fashion video. video killed the blog star. if you want to stop reading and start looking. get serious and tickle the keys too these BLOG guys. you might learn a few hot moves. peeing in bushes, fancy footwork a good old "ART ATTACK"

"the angle of my dangle, is proportionate too the heat of my meat."

my faith has been restored.

it's exciting too know that there are still truly evil villains left.
this guy , this one other dude .
but it's safe to say it's most exciting when some one truly reinvents the game.
ladies and gentlemen, i present too you the new arch-type for evil.
he has his own soundtrack. he haunts your daydreams. And cast the darkest shadows
over kittens. he's the boogie man and he's the dentist. if a hangover looked like a person it would be DANIEL PLAINVIEW .
your a pussy. FACT

Monday, January 28, 2008

be "pretty vacant"

it could be argued. that life has an awkward go at us sometimes.
even some new-age crystal loving hippie could swing some positive spin on it.
let's save some of that positive energy for all those dead batteries i leave in the drawers at my house.
some times there is just something so magnificent in calling something as it is. SHIT is SHIT
this guy is like the template or stencil for my life.
then i just occasionally vandalize my dreadful perspective upon my friends and anyone in audible proximity. sure i complain a lot.
hell, i even take some joy in it.

it's just when something great happens. it makes all that complaining seem worth while.

i'm not sure that any of this made sense.
but then against the ending too the greatest film of 08 didn't either.

go find something to complain about. and if you can't think of anything text me.